Welcome to Eighteen Creations!

Here you will find a mixture of D.I.Y and craft projects, creative finds and a sprinkle of life updates. You may also come across my six year old brother Jamie along the way (he’s my chief helper!)

Here is what you may (or may not!) need to know about me: My name is Laura Saxton, I recently married my “childhood sweetheart” and we have just brought our first home in Nottingham, England. My Husband would say I’m a hoarder, I see myself more as a collector of memories – I have multiple scrapbooks and memory boxes (which may make an appearance, or two!)


Not everything you see on this blog will be my original idea, I like to take inspiration from things I see around me and experiment to make them my own – I hope I can inspire you to do the same!

I would LOVE to see what you’re making, please let me know with the hashtag #eighteencreations

Thank you for reading!

Laura xxx