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D.I.Y Tutorial: Photo Back Drop

PHoto back drop

My baby sister has turned 18 today, and although I don’t like the idea of her being of legal drinking age and refuse to accept that she may or may not be taller than me – it did mean an excuse for a party!

Faye’s party was on Saturday at my Mum’s house, and although it was just a family house party, I knew I wanted to make it as special as I could. After googling and browsing through Pinterest, I finally decided I would make her a photo back drop. And she loved it!

This would be perfect for upcoming new years eve parties, you could by photo props to add an extra giggle at your party!


You will need:

  • Wooden stick (I literally used a stick I found at the park which I sanded down, but you could probably buy a wooden dowel at your local craft store)
  • Crepe Streamers (You can get these online for around £1 per 86ft, I used 3 and bit rolls for my back drop which was approximately the size of my single doorway)

Step 1: Cut your stick to length

If you were trying to make this project as cheap as possible like me, you will probably have a large stick salvaged from your local woods/park. You will need to cut this stick to the desired length, I made mine the width of my doorway and used a hacksaw to cut it.
You will also need to use sand paper to smooth all the ragged edges, I hate sanding so only did this enough to smooth the stick.

Step 2: Streamers

This is the most frustrating part, cutting all the streamers the same length and attaching them to the stick.

I alternated 3 colours, pink purple and green. I then added white when I ran out of the other colours (oops!)


Measure the length you will need the streamers, this  will need to be double the required length as you will be folding the steamer in half.

Usually you would want the back drop to reach the floor from wherever you are planning the it. I based mine on the doorway, so the length was around 2 meters which I then doubled to 4 meters per strip.

I cut one length of streamer, attached it to the stick and then cut another one etc. I found this way easier as I wasn’t sure how many strips I would need in the end.

To attach the streamer to the stick, fold the streamer in half. I then paper-clipped the end to make it easier but this is optional. (see image below)


I then threaded the streamer around the stick and through the loop that the paperclip has sectioned. Be very careful not to pull the streamers too much as this can cause the paper to rip.


You just need to repeat this until you have filled your stick with streamers, I left around an inch each side for hanging. Remembering to take the paperclips off.

At this point you could add a banner like I did to the top, I made my own using card and ribbon but you could also buy one.

We used two hooks to hang the back drop at Faye’s party, one small one each side.


We had such a lovely time, and Faye’s guests loved the photo back drop!

I would love to see your party photos!

Thanks for reading.

Laura xx



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