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D.I.Y Tutorial: Pine Cone Wreath

Wreath Tutorial

Cute homemade Wreath for all the family to get involved!

I’m sorry that I’ve been quiet for a while now, me and my husband have just brought a new house (yay!) however it all took a lot longer that we thought. But now we are all moved in, I’m going to get this blog back on track!

I promise I will upload some home updates in the next few weeks once things are all settled, I have a Gallery Wall DIY to show you guys (just awaiting the photos I ordered to put in the frames!) and I’m also hoping to make a new headboard before the new year. So some exciting things coming up!!

In the mean time, I thought I would show you this Pine Cone Wreath that Jamie (my little bro!) and I made a couple of weeks back.

Jamie had a project from school to make something, it could have literally been anything but as he had a whole bag of pine cones that he collected earlier in the year we though we would use them!

You will need:

  • Big bag of pine cones (we also had conkers and acorns, and added cotton wool to fill the gaps)
  • Battery powered fairy lights
  • Strong cardboard
  • Hot glue gun (I would advise adults do this part! I may have let Jamie use the hot glue gun but under strict supervision)
  • Spray Snow
  • String to tie the top

Step one: Create the star shape

Me and Jamie chose to do our wreath shape, but feel free to do any shape you prefer!

To make the star shape I cut 5 equal length pieces of strong cardboard, we then glued the corners together to make the star shape.


Step two: Add the pine cones and lights – have fun with it!

With this part, Jamie told me what we were putting where and I glued it. Basically just have fun with it. We added some pine cones, then added the lights to get the positioning and then added more pine cones around the lights.


We kept putting things on our wreath until we were satisfied, adding cotton wool to fill any gaps and adding anything Jamie could find (including acorns!)

Step 3: Snow spraying

I think this is the most fun step, Jamie loved it anyway!

Move the wreath into a mess proof location, we put an old bed sheet on the kitchen floor. And spray the wreath with the snow, as little as much as you want for the look you desire.

Step 4: Hang the wreath

Tie the string round the top of your wreath for hanging, and you are done!


Me and Jamie had so much fun making our wreath (despite what his faces might have you believe!) and his teachers loved it.

Please send us pictures of your wreaths, I would love to show Jamie!

Thanks for reading!

Laura xx


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