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D.I.Y Tutorial: Nail Varnish Flowers

Nail Varnish Flowers.png

These nail varnish flowers are adorable, they are easy to make (but messy!) and look lovely turned into jewellery, hair accessories, craft embellishments or anything else you put your mind to!

I’ve seen these nail varnish flowers quite a lot on Pinterest, and I couldn’t quite figure out how people managed to make the nail varnish stay in the hole. It baffled me! So after experimenting I figured out a way!

You will need:

  • Jewellery wire (I used 0.5mm wire)
  • PVA glue
  • Nail Varnish
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Cardboard/Newspaper (something to put down on the table, as this can get very messy! – I used a shoe box lid)
  • Blue Tac (optional)

Step 1 – Make the flower shape

Wrap the wire around the pen/pencil 5 or 6 times (this will vary depending on how many petals you would like) – Make sure you leave at least an inch of wire free at the beginning, otherwise you will have difficultly in later steps!


Once wrapped around you can cut the wire at the other end, again leaving at least an inch as above.

Take the wire off the pen/pencil gently, and start to fold out the petals into a flower shape.

Once you have your flower shape, you need to take one of the long pieces of wire and thread it up through the petals and down on the other side. Making it overlap the middle – so it looks like the below picture:


You can then twist the two long pieces of wire together (as if they were going to be the stem)

Step 2: PVA Glue!

Now it’s time to make the basis of the petals! Using blue tac I stuck the stem of the flower down onto the surface I was working on. (I advise you use cardboard or newspaper in order to not damage any furniture!)

Using PVA glue, you need to fill the petals. This can be quite tricky, and very, very messy!

It is best to squeeze the glue out whilst circling around each petal, the faster you fill the hole the less likely it will fall through. It can be quite frustrating, especially if you have a stubborn petal!

You then repeat this until all the petals have been filled, you may find you have to do the same petal more than once. Β (As you can tell by my messy work surface below!)

Step 3: Adding the nail varnish

You need to do this step before the PVA glue dries, it is best if you leave the flower completely filled with glue for around 5/10 minutes.

With regards to which nail varnish to use, it really doesn’t matter. I just went into my draw and picked out my favourite colour!


To add the nail varnish to the petals, you need to drip this in one drop at a time. Usually adding one or two drops to each petal.

Most petals I just added one drop of nail varnish, however you can add more drops if you feel that it is needed. (I did find the more nail varnish you add, the weaker the petal once dried)

You then keep going until all the petals are done!


You need to let the flower completely dry before you attempt to move it or touch it, otherwise it can lead to a petal collapsing. If this happens don’t worry, just let all the others dry first and you can repeat the steps on that one petal later.

One pretty flower complete! You can use these as craft embellishments, hair accessories – I turned mine into a bracelet!

Thank you so much for reading!

Laura xxx

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