Wedding Ring Workshop

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My husband and I got married back in January, I am a very sentimental person and knew that I wanted to give our wedding rings as much meaning as possible.

I then came across The Quarterworkshop. A beautiful workshop in Birmingham, offering a workshop to make your own wedding rings.


The whole day was such an amazing experience, you start with a strip of metal for your ring. This is discussed prior to the workshop day to find out which material you would like for your rings (silver, gold etc) and the thickness.

Then with the help of Victoria at The Quarterworkshop we turned those strips into beautiful rings, Andrew made my ring and I made his. It gives them such a special meaning now.

After the workshop the rings were sent for hallmarking and we also had ours engraved with each others names!

During the workshop Victoria took the beautiful photos that you can see here, plus a lot more. It’s lovely to be able to have photos of the special moment we shared.

I would recommend everyone getting married makes their own wedding rings, especially with The Quarterworkshop!

Andrew and I had the best time together making the rings, we not only have a special memory but alsoย beautiful one of kind rings. I love knowing that the ring I wear on my finger was made by Andrew.

You can contact The Quarterworkshop by email at mail@thequarterworkshop.com.

All photos taken by Victoria at The Quarterworkshop.

Thank you so much for reading!

Laura xxx

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