D.I.Y Tutorial: Rainbow Ribbon Mobile

Ribbon Mobile.png

This rainbow ribbon mobile is a fun, easy way to brighten up your garden or even your home this summer!

I saw something similar to this in a shop I visited at the weekend, and knew I had to have a go at making it myself.

You will need:

  • Wooden circle (My Husband made mine out of a piece of wood, it’s around 3 inches wide. You could buy a wooden circle from your local craft shop, or I think a wooden curtain pole ring would be perfect!)
  • Ribbon (I used 1 cm thick ribbon, in rainbow colours, however you could use any colours that you like. The length of the ribbon depends on how long you want the mobile – mine were around 50 cm long)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Key ring
  • String (to hang the mobile)


Step 1: Attach the key ring

First you need to be able to hang your mobile, to this you will need to use the string to tie the key ring to the wooden circle.

I did this with 2 pieces of string, the pieces need to be the same length and long enough to tie to both sides of the circle with a couple of inches to spare.

Tie one piece of string to one side of the wooden circle, thread through the key ring, then tie the other end to the other side of the wooden circle. You then need to do the same with the other piece of string, but this time you need to tie the string to the top and bottom of the circle, as below:

It is important that the strings stay the same length, in order for the key ring to be in the centre!

Step 2: Glue on the ribbon

Now using the hot glue gun, it is time to add your ribbon. I worked out that I needed 3 pieces of each colour ribbon to fill my circle, this will vary depending on the size of your wooden circle.

First put a little bit of hot glue on the top of the circle, and add the first piece of ribbon (I started with Red for the rainbow)


Be careful when using the hot glue gun, I always manage to burn myself!

Then, wrap the ribbon around through the hole in the circle to over lap it’s self. Put some more glue on the side of the circle (on top of the bottom layer of ribbon) to stick on the over lapping ribbon.

You then need to repeat this going around the circle in the different colours, try to keep the ribbons close to each other and the same distance apart.

Once you have added all your ribbon, you may need to trim them down. (If you are like me, and not very good at measuring!)

Top tip: Using a lighter quickly on the ends of the ribbon stop them fraying! – BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BURN THE RIBBON (It may be best to practice this first)

You should now have a finished rainbow ribbon mobile, mine is blowing around beautifully in the garden!

Thank you so much for reading!

Laura xx

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