D.I.Y Tutorial: Luggage Tags

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Are you going on holiday this year? Me and my husband are going to Croatia in a couple of weeks, and I realised we didn’t have any luggage tags for our suitcases. And why not make your own?!

These are super easy to make, but I love how you can add your own personal touch to your suitcase at very little cost! I chose to use holiday themed paper for my tags, but you could use any patterns you like or even add a photo!

You will need:

  • Patterned paper (thick paper or card works best)
  • Ribbon
  • Self laminating sheets
  • Plain paper (for the label)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch


Step 1: Cutting your paper to the correct size

The Self Laminating sheets I have are A7, which I think is the perfect size for a luggage tag.

You need to cut your paper down to the correct size, I used paper which had a different pattern on each side so I only needed one sheet of paper per luggage tag, however if your paper only has one side with a pattern you could use two pieces back to back!

Cut the paper just smaller than the laminating sheet, I did this by drawing around the Laminating sheet then cutting just under the line. (The laminating sheet needs to be bigger than the paper in order to stick together properly)


Step 2: Making the label

Now you need to make the label, this is where you would write your address and contact details for people to return your suitcase if lost.

Cut some plain paper in to your desired shape, this could be a standard rectangle or I chose to cut mine in to heart shapes (I’m not very good at cutting straight lines!)


Step 3: Laminating

It is now time to laminate your tag, this is to prevent it getting damaged.

Open the laminating sheet, and put in the patterned paper you cut earlier with the label positioned how you would like it.

You then roll the front of the laminating sheet over very carefully, it was very similar to putting a screen protector on your phone. (This may vary depending on the laminating sheets, however they should come with instructions explaining how to do this part)

Step 4: Attaching the ribbon

You should now have a very pretty laminated tag, now all that’s left is adding ribbon so that you can put it on your suitcase.

Using a hole punch, punch a hole one end of the tag, this needs to be in the middle – see below:


When cutting the ribbon, make sure when tied in half there’ll be enough room to pull the tag through to attach to the suitcase.

You then thread the ribbon through the hole, and tie together at the end.


Done, you should now have a cute luggage tag ready for your holidays!

I would LOVE to see your designs, so if you do give this a go please let me see by using the hashtag #eighteencreations



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