D.I.Y Tutorial: Wrapped Headphones

Wrapped Headphones.png

Are you fed up of spending ages untangling your headphones, only to find them tangled up again hours later? Me too!

I saw these wrapped headphones on Pinterest and had to try them myself, they work perfectly to stop any tangling and look so cool!

Most of the wrapped headphones I’ve seen used embroidery thread, similar to friendship bracelets – however I used wool (as this was all I had!) and I thought it worked well, I like the fluffiness of the headphones.

For this project you will need:

  • Embroidery thread/wool
  • Headphones
  • Scissors


Although these are super easy to make, they can take a while – so I recommend doing this as something to do whilst you are watching tv!

Step 1: Cut the thread/wool

You will need to cut 3 pieces of thread/wool, I recommend cutting each piece 5 times the length of the headphones.

(I cut each piece three times the length of the headphones which wasn’t nearly enough to finish them)

If you do run out before the end, don’t worry – you can connect another piece of wool/thread by tying them together with a very tight knot!

Step 2: Prepare the headphones

Tie the three pieces of wool/embroidery thread to the bottom of the headphones, try and do this as tightly as possible as you will need to trim this later  – Tape the headphones to a secure surface.


Step 3: Wrap the headphones

You can then begin wrapping the wool/thread around the headphones, you will need to take one piece and make it into a 4 shape going over the other pieces (including the headphones).

That piece of wool then needs to come back through the hole of the 4, pulling it into a tight knot.

Step 4: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Once you have repeated the previous step a few times, you will start to see the spiral pattern to take form going around the headphones.

I did around 10 knots before changing to the next colour – to change colour you simply swap the piece of wool/thread you are using.

Repeat these steps until you get to the end of your headphones, to finish it off I just tied it in a very tight double knot and trimmed the edges.

You now have super pretty, untangled headphones!


20170525_182436.jpgThank you to my sister Faye for modelling for me!

I hope you like the tutorial, thank you so much for reading xx


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