D.I.Y Tutorial: Floral Letters


These flower letters are a beautiful way to bright up any room, I think these would look great in a nursery or child’s bedroom and they are so easy to make!

You will need:

  • Artificial flowers,
  • Wooden/Cardboard letters
  • A hot glue gun.
  • Scissors (for the flowers)

I used the flowers from my bridesmaid’s bouquet, so these letters definitely have a sentimental purpose for me.  You could buy artificial flowers from your local craft shop, or for a cheaper option order them online or even have a look in places like a pound store!

For the letters, I got these from my local market so they weren’t very expensive. You could do the same, or again have a look in a craft shop. To make it even cheaper you could even cut the letters out of strong cardboard.

First I took apart the bouquet, I cut all the flowers down individually and cut the stems off each one. You need to make the backs of the flowers as flat as possible, in order for it to stick securely on the letters!


Using the hot glue gun, I then glued each flower individually to the letters. 

I glued each flower really close together, in order for them to bunch together and not show the silver letter behind – This would vary depending on the types of flowers you use.

Be careful when using the hot glue gun, I burnt my finger whilst doing this part! 😦

You then need to allow the glue to dry, and you’re finished!


Thanks for reading! 🙂 xx

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